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«BAIKAL-IRKUTSK-OLKHON» (in English language). [150]

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[150] «BAIKAL-IRKUTSK-OLKHON» (in English language).

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Вариант программы 10 дней / 9 ночей Показать все

  • День 1. Irkutsk 50 km
    Meeting with Irkutsk.
    Arrival in Irkutsk. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel. Rest from the road. Lunch. City tour with a visit to the Epiphany Cathedral, the Church of the Saviour (1710), the Holy cross Church (1758). A visit to Archangel Michael Church of St Innokenty monastery. Ablution in a healing Holy spring. Return to the hotel. Supper.
    Проживание: Hotel in Irkutstk
  • День 2. Irkutsk 40 km
    Excursion day
    Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the house-estate of the Volkonskys in the historical and memorial Museum of the Decembrists. Znamensky women's monastery. Grave of G. I. Shelekhov, celebrated Russian merchant, navigator, and founder of the "Russian-American company". Supper. Free time. Evening walk along the Angara embankment and the historical center of Irkutsk.
    Проживание: Hotel in Irkutstk
  • День 3. Irkutsk 120 km
    Excursion rafting on the Lower Irkutsk
    Breakfast. 9.00 am departure from the hotel to the Lower Irkut river (60 km). For those who wish, we offer a simple excursion rafting *. Stop for a hot lunch. Guests can swim in the river. Continuation of the raft trip. The water offers a beautiful panorama with meadows and groves on one side and a high promontory on the other. Return to Irkutsk. Supper.
    Проживание: Hotel in Irkutstk
  • День 4. Listvyanka 160 km
    Listvyanka. Taltsy
    Breakfast. Departure to Listvyanka. Visit to the open-air architectural and ethnographic Museum "Taltsy". Sight-seeing tour of unique historical monuments: the Spasskaya tower (1667) and the Kazan chapel (1679). Lunch. St. Nicholas Church. Baikal Limnological Museum. Cable-chair ascent to the Chersky mountain*. Picturesque panorama of the source of the Angara river. Return to Irkutsk. Supper.
    Проживание: Hotel in Irkutstk
  • День 5. Olkhon island 410 km.
    Travel to Olkhon island
    Breakfast. Transfer to Olkhon island. Lunch on the road, ethnic Buryat and Russian cuisine (for an additional fee). Ferry crossing. Transfer to cross-country transport*. Arrival in the village of Khuzhir. Accommodation in hotel. Free time. Dinner at the hotel.
    Проживание: recreation centre
  • День 6. Olkhon island 60 km.
    Car tour of the island. Cape Hoboy
    Breakfast. Car tour of the northern part of the island. Sightseeing of picturesque places: Sandy bays, Cape Khoboy; stunning views of the Small and Large sea. Lunch: picnic in nature. Return to the hotel. Supper.
    Проживание: recreation centre
  • День 7. Olkhon island by program
    Free day
    Breakfast. Excursion program of the day*: educational tour "Tofalar deer and hunters"; local history museum named after N. M. Revyakin. For those who want to ride bicycles and quad bikes, horse riding or swimming and relaxing on the beach. Supper. Evening boat trip on Lake Baikal.
    Проживание: recreation centre
  • День 8. Olkhon island 60 km
    Tour of the South-East of the island
    Breakfast. Off-road car tour around the southern part of the island.
    Inspection of the Kurykan wall. Lake Khankhoy. The lake is notable for the fact that it is warm and separated from Lake Baikal by a sand bar. Those who wish can swim in the lake or in Lake Baikal. Picnic lunch. In the continuation of the tour, the Khargoi pass is 701 meters above sea level. Climbing it, you will experience the extraordinary scale and feel all the beauty of the local nature. View of the Cape Kobylya headland. Further along the route you will have a long stop in the beautiful bay of the eastern shore of the Large sea – Chalanam. The view of this lagoon is fascinating: the turquoise transparent Baikal water, alive with highlights and framed by mountain rocks. And a special feature of this place is the sand: a mixture of white and black sand, sparkling in the sun. The water there may seem very cool, but swimming in such a place is a special pleasure. Return to the hotel. Supper.
    Проживание: recreation centre
  • День 9. Olkhon island to Irkutsk 350 км.
    Moving to Irkutsk
    Breakfast. Transfer by UAZ cars to the ferry. Ferry crossing. Departure to Irkutsk. The Tazheranskaya steppe. Lunch on the road, ethnic Buryat and Russian cuisine (for an additional fee). Accommodation in a hotel at the airport of Irkutsk. Supper.
    Проживание: Hotel
  • День 10. Departing from Siberia
    Departure to Moscow and other cities.

Варианты услуг и стоимость

Tour duration-10 days/9 nights
Meals: 2-3 times a day. During the active part of the route, food is prepared on a fire. During transfers (day 5; day 9) lunch on the road for an additional fee.
Accommodation: hotel in Irkutsk-2-3 places; hotel complex on Olkhon-2-3 places.

The tour price includes: accommodation according to the program for 10 days; meals according to the program, meeting at the airport, transfers, transport and tour services with a guide, entrance tickets to museums: Baikal Limnological Museum, architectural and ethnographic open-air Museum "Taltsy", ferry travel, medical insurance for rafting, car tours of Olkhon to Cape Khoboy and the South of the island.

Additional charges: airfare, transfer to Olkhon from the ferry and back on custom SUVs and UAZ jeeps (from 500 rubles one way), rafting.

* Optional excursions and additional options:
- boat evening tour of lake Baikal;
- a trip by cable-chair lift;
- excursions specified on a free [7] day.

Transportation: Major tour of the car on the island – four-wheel drive-UAZ.

Recommendations: It is not recommended for people who need treatment and constant medical supervision to travel along this route. Due to the variability of weather conditions, there may be some changes in the trip program.