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«ALTAI RESERVED» (in English language). [151]

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[151] «ALTAI RESERVED»  (in English language).

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Вариант программы 13 дней / 12 ночей Показать все

  • День 1. The Barnaul-Biysk- 160 km.
    Arrival in Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk. Departure to Biysk. Morning tea, coffee at the roadside cafe "Sea Buckthorn". Arrival in Biysk. Lunch. Accommodation in the hotel "Central". Rest. Sightseeing tour of the Old City with a visit to the Assumption Cathedral, Kazan Church. Biysk Episcopal monastery is a living monument of the history of Orthodoxy and culture of the Altai. Supper. Free time.
    Проживание: Hotel
  • День 2. Biysk- Chemal 200 km.
    Breakfast. Excursion to the Chuiskiy Highway Museum. Departure to the Republic of Altai. Stop in the village of Srostki. Church of the Holy Great-Martyr Catherine. Excursion to the Museum-Reserve of V. M. Shukshin. Picket Mountain. Visit to the Srostinsky roadside market, tasting local pickles, cooking, meat delicacies (for an additional fee). Chuya Highway. At 467 km stop at the monument to the famous Russian writer and engineer-researcher of the Chuya Highway V. Ya. Shishkov, who wrote: "I love Altai very much, my love grows every year, and I don't know how to compensate Altai for the joy and happiness that it gives me every day, every minute." Arrival in the village of Chemal. Accommodation in a guest house. For those who want a Siberian bath "village-style". Supper.
    Проживание: guest house
  • День 3. Chemal 60 km.
    Breakfast. Excursion to the island "Patmos". Church of the Holy Apostle John the Theologian. The Bishop's residence. Church of St. Macarius Nevsky. Walking tour along the "Goat" path beside the Katun river. Panorama of the confluence of the rivers Chemal and Katun. Inspection of Chemalsky hydroelectric power station. Lunch. Free time. Those who wish can take a pleasant horse ride. Supper.
    Проживание: guest house
  • День 4. Chemal 40 km.
    Breakfast. Excursion to the waterfall Che-Chkish with a rest in the refreshing spring and lift to the observation platform. Panorama of the Katun valley. From this place, in good weather, you can even see the distant Seminsky pass. Lunch. Free time. Supper. Evening by the fire with a real Tula samovar.
    Проживание: guest house
  • День 5. Chemal-Ongudai- Inya 330 km.
    Breakfast. Departure from Chemal. On the way, we stop at the Altai Botanical Garden. Examination of relict plants and endemic species of the Altai. Interested people will be able to purchase the Altai mountain herbs and balms. We continue our way through the picturesque places of the Chuya Highway. Seminsky Pass (1894 m). Lunch on the road. The Village Onguday. Holy Trinity Church. The grave of the first Altaic priest Mikhail Chevalkov and hieromonk Plato, Altaic missionaries. Chike-Taman Pass at an altitude of 1460 m. The ascent and descent takes place along a dizzying serpentine road. Edge of the "Kur-Kechu" with a view of the famous 300-meter Ilgumen rapids (category four difficulty). At 687 km the Chuya Highway has another attraction: the sand rocks at Boma. Further along the way, the Yalom settlement is the remains of an ancient settlement dating back to the early middle ages, existing during the domination of the territory of the Altai by Turkic tribes and Turkic culture. At 690 km another of the unusual sights is found: the Katun river terraces. They are located away from the town of Kur-Kechu, where the Bolshoy Ilgumen river flows into the Katun and to the mouth of the Chui. At 712 km confluence of Chui and Katun. Aktash. Accommodation in a guest house. For those who want a Russian bath. Supper.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 6. the Chuya river valley 120 km
    Breakfast. Today is a day full of impressions. The day's program includes a visit to Geyser lake, Chibitskoe and Bolshoy Ular waterfalls. Kalbak-Tash petroglyphic complex, panorama of the Aktru glacier and the kurai steppe. Lunch: lunch at the camp (additional fee). Further along the picturesque Chuya Highway leads you in the direction of Mongolia. At 864 km our route goes to the right in the direction of the color mountains Kyzyl-Chin, which means "Red gorge". The landscape of Kyzyl-Chin is somewhat reminiscent of a Martian panorama — the red desert area with canyons is dominated by red-brown layers of rock interspersed with colored horizontal stripes from purple to bright orange and white. An incredible palette of colors of nature! Here you can find crystals of smoky quartz and other minerals, as well as Scythian and Turkic mounds and rock paintings (entrance to the territory of the Kyzyl-Chin Highway – 100 rubles.) On the way back, you will refresh yourself at the ice-cold Chagan-Usun spring - "White water". Return to the camp site. Supper. Evening by the fire.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 7. Aktash- Ulagan Solid Crack 160 km
    Breakfast. We continue our way to the Chulyshman valley. The first stop at the Red gate is a huge red-tinged rock that frames the road on both sides. Ascent to the Ulagan pass (2080 m above sea level);" Dead lake " and a huge number of small lakes located on the plateau; valley with Pazyryk mounds. Lunch on the road (extra charge). Balyktuyul. Church of the Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon. And then on our way the breathtaking Katu-Yaryk pass and, finally, the valley of the Chulyshman river, which looks more like a canyon with steep walls, along which many waterfalls flow. Stone mushrooms are a unique natural monument of the Altai Mountains. Supper. Overnight at the camp site in summer houses. For those who want to visit the sauna "from firewood".
    Проживание: camping
  • День 8. The Valley Of Chulyshman
    Breakfast. River crossing over Chulyshman to the right bank. Walking ascent in The AK-Kurum tract (from the Altai "White scree") to the famous Stone Mushrooms: megalithic natural structures that resemble mushrooms, located on the right bank of the Chulyshman river (about 3 hours). Lunch. Free time. You can take a walk in the valley yourself or purchase additional excursions. After dinner, concerts of national throat singing are held in the Altai village.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 9. Teletskoe Artybash 30 cars + 80 (water) km.
    Breakfast. Transfer to the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye (Cape Kyrsay). Ferry trip on Lake Teletskoye - the largest in the Altai (length 78 km, maximum depth 325 m). On the way visiting waterfall Cooder on the territory of the Altai nature reserve. Lunch at the cordon (for an additional fee). If the weather is favorable, you can swim in the lake. Arrival in the village of Artybash. Accommodation in the guest camping "Istok" on the Bank of Biya. Supper. Bathhouse.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 10. Artybash Kebezen 40 km.
    Breakfast. Walking tour to the Missionary Cross: the monument of the foundation of the Orthodox mission in the Altai. The Holy Makaryevsky spring, which was consecrated by the monk Makarii (Glukharev) in 1830. For those who want to climb the observation mountain Tilan-Tuu (altitude 741m) Panorama of Lake Teletskoye and the source of the Biya. Free time. For those who wish-an excursion to the apiary of the Shishkin family (additional fee). Tasting of honey, tea, mead. Supper. Evening by the fire with a real samovar and tea made from fragrant Altai herbs.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 11. Artybash 40 km
    Breakfast. For those who wish, we offer a simple excursion rafting on the Biya river* to the Altai village of Kebezen. With water, a spectacular panorama of the Teletskoye lake forest, scenic mountains, waterfalls and lost in the depths of the Russian villages. Arrival at the national ethno-museum "Ortos", located in a comfortable quiet place on the Bank of Biya. Depictions of everyday life, customs and traditions of the Altai peoples. Lunch of homemade Altai dishes. Russian bath on the bank of the Biya. For those who want to, fishing for Siberian grayling. Supper.
    Проживание: camping
  • День 12. Artybash Barnaul 410 km.
    Breakfast. Departure from the camp site. Stop at the Kazan Holy spring. Gorno-Altaisk. Lunch on the road (for an additional fee). Anokhin national Museum. Church in the name of the monk Makarii of Altai. Arrival in Barnaul. Accommodation in hotel. Supper. End of the program.
    Проживание: hotel
  • День 13. Barnaul
    Early morning transfer to the airport of Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk*. Departure to Moscow and other cities.
    Проживание: Hotel in Barnaul

Варианты услуг и стоимость

Tour duration-14 days/13 nights Meals: 2-3 times a day. Accommodation: hotel in Barnaul-2-3 places; guest house in Chemal 2-4 places; accommodation in wooden houses-villages and yurts along the route of the southern Altai-4-5 places; in Artybash-2-3 places. with conveniences. Main transport: minibus Ford Transit Tourist, UAZ The price includes: accommodation according to the program 13 days, meals as per itinerary, transportation with guide, entrance tickets and guide service: the Museum of Altai spiritual mission, the Museum of the Chuya Highway, the Museum-reserve of V. M. Shukshin, the Botanical garden, entrance for a visit to the falls Th-CCIS, excursions and meals in the protected natural ethno-Museum "Ortos", entrance tickets to national Museum of A. V. Anokhin. Additional charges: airfare, ferry across lake Teletskoye (1500 rubles), transfer to the airport on the day of departure; During transfer transfers (2,6,7, 9, 12 days) lunch on the road for an additional fee. Optional excursions and additional options*: - horse riding (from 500 rubles / hour); - rafting on the Biya river (from 700 rubles); - Shishkin apiary ( 600 rubles.) Arrival dates: 10-23.07, 31.07-13.08; 5-18.08 Recommendations: It is not recommended for people who need treatment and constant medical supervision to travel along this route. Due to the variability of weather conditions, there may be some changes in the trip program. *To better adapt to the time zone (+4 Moscow time), we recommend arriving in Barnaul on the eve of the tour (Friday evening).